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18 августа 2012

The offering of a customs status to warehouses has been regulated.

tamozhskladAn order from the Russian Ministry of Finance has come into effect about the order of offering and removing the status of customs warehouse. The status is offered by entering information about the warehouse in the Register of Customs Warehouses. Only residents can maintain a customs warehouse, while a customs warehouse of an open type can only by maintained by the owner of a license for customs-broker activity. In order to open a customs warehouse, it is necessary to submit the appropriate request to the customs office, as well as all necessary documents, indicated in the Order of Offering Status.

After this, within 10 days the customs office will conduct an inspection of the warehouse and surrounding territory and compare the information offered in the documents. An act is created on the basis of this inspection, which serves as the basis for an order with the decision within three days. The property is entered into the register after receiving a letter, sent to the local customs office. The requesting party will receive an official certificate from the Register of Customs Warehouses within three days of the decision.


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