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18 августа 2012

Sevastopol's sea port is preparing for privatization.

morportSergei Tarakanov, leader of the Sevastopol Sea Port, announced to the Ukrainian president, that the port's administration has started to prepare the port's objects for privatization. He also explained that, in accordance with the law regarding sea ports in Ukraine, the process for allocating integral property complexes on the port's territory has already been started in order to transfer these to private partners. These actions will facilitate the development of infrastructure for the port, city, and republic in general. New terminals will be created, new wharfs will be built, and new warehouse space will be opened. New engineering networks will also be created.

All of this will surely carry with it a new flow of cargo, will release new manufacturing capacity, and will allow for the development of new land plots along the shore of the Black Sea. The port is placing high hopes on participation in the Sevastopol Investment Forum, which will take place in the beginning of September and might give a strong boost to attracting private capital for programs to develop the port.


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