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23 августа 2012

Conditions for residents in the Sino-Belorussian industrial park have been determined

1331839365 22351224The Belorussian government has determined the price of an "entrance ticket" for potential residents of the new industrial park that will be created in partnership with China.  Investments should equal no less than $5 million.Experts reckon that this sum is acceptable for medium-sized foreign businesses.  Tax breaks will also serve as an additional stimulus.  In light of the fact that investors will be freed from income tax for 10 years as of registering as a resident, $5 million is not bad.

It is also being planned to free residents from real estate taxes on the territory of the industrial park, as well as from other local taxes and fees.  Employees of the park will also receive tax benefits as physical persons:  The income tax rate for them will be reduced by 3%.  However, these announced tax breaks are not in harmony with those of Russia, and Belarus is supposed to adhere to equal economic conditions as a member of the United Economic Space along with Russia.  This might serve as fodder for a Russo-Belorussian convict as potential investors are considering the Russian market as fundamental.

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