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22 августа 2012

The Tula region is preparing for the creation of industrial parks

tula indparkIn order to attract investors to the Tula's industrial regions, a regional corporation has been created, the task of which will be to construct roads and other engineering infrastructure.  Any investor will prefer to avoid similar expenses that no single project can support, as a rule.  The first industrial park in the Tula region is expected to be created in the Shekinsky area by 2020. It will consist of several enterprises with a total value of around 1.5 billion euros and its total area will equal 138.6 ha.  The region's government will be investing resources in the construction and repairing of nearby automobile roads and engineering communications.

The Tula region is following the same path taken by other regions that have succeeded in attracting investment, namely the Kaluga region.  The fact that it is difficult to attract investors to industrial parks without serious expenses from the regional budget was long ago understood by authorities of other regions and organizational conclusions have been made with regards to this issue.

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