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22 августа 2012

An Austrian woodworking plant will be built in Bashkiria

kronospanKronospan, a world leader in manufacturing wood panels, intends to build a woodworking plant in the Ufimsy area by 2014.  It will be situated on an area of about 1,000 ha near Shaksha micro-area, in proximity to a Turkish glass plant.There is a chance that an entire industrial park will be created around the Kronospan manufacturing facilities.

This park would specialize in woodworking.  Authorities of the republic should fully secure the preparations for the space and create infrastructure for the factory.The investor for its own part is prepared to exclusively use local labor and raw goods.  Several regions competed to attract this investor, including Perm, Sverdlovsk, and Tatarstan, in addition to Bashkiria.  Bashkiria's government reckons that the investor's interest was won over by trying to offer it a fully ready platform and large tax preferences.

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